Sox & the Christmas Tree

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Sox's 1st christmas
As Christmas approaches its that time where we decorate the tree. Now usually this wouldn't be a problem but as we have a 6 month old kitten I was apprehensive to say the least, with visions of finding the tree on its side when we return home or get up in a morning!!! Anyway, the tree went up yesterday and Sox couldn't believe his luck - boxes to play in, baubles to swipe and hit, beads and tinsel to try and run off with - oh and a tree to climb, in the house, where it's warm and dry - thanks Mum n Dad this is great. The smile on his face said it all!!
Well we survived the first night - just about. There was evidence that Sox had decided to sleep on the lower branches of the tree, baubles and candy canes on the floor, beads hanging off - well a cat needs to be comfy when he is trying to sleep!!
Sox is fascinated by the tree and I suppose he will continue to try and climb it until it comes down in January - he needs to behave, Santa is watching ;-)