The newest addition to our family.
Meet Sox.

Sox is a 10 week old kitten who is now the centre of our universe.

After a 12 hour shift last Wednesday I came home to Katie pestering "Dad, Can we have a kitten" My response - "No", Katie "Pleeeeeeease" Me - "No" and so it went for the rest of the evening.
Amanda and James backed Katie and so it was that shortly after I left for a night shift on Thursday evening I was sent a photo of Sox in Katie's arms saying look what I've got - in our living room!! - It's easy to see who is in charge in our house!!!

Walking in from work on Friday morning, I was greeted by Amanda with this cute little face peeking up from her arms - and that was it, I was sold!!

He is adorable and is already showing he will be as much of a character as Jet (our late, beloved Labrador) was.
Obviously, the big advantage for me is that I can now take plenty of photos of him playing and posing.

I guarantee you will be seeing lots more pics of Sox :-)