Katie's impromptu modelling session

Portrait photography at Barlow Photographic Studio
Thursday evening saw myself and Katie trying our hand at studio photography. We joined Chesterfield Photographic Society at Barlow Photographic Studio and were able to use the studios and lighting equipment. A model was available for us to shoot but instead I took the opportunity to encourage Katie to model for me, giving me the chance to take some up to date portraits of my gorgeous daughter. I have to say I am blown away by the results - the new collection of portraits I have of Katie are fantastic with one now framed and mounted on the wall already.

Katie was reluctant to pose at first but got into it and relaxed and even allowed some of the other members to take her picture. Hopefully we will get the chance to repeat the exercise with the rest of the family.

Thanks to Andrew at Chesterfield Photographic Society for arranging and to George at the studio for allowing us to use his equipment along with the tips and advice.

Katie did get the chance to take a few of me but hopefully they will stay hidden!!!